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What is Calm Birth?

Calm Birth focuses on three practices

  • Practice of Opening

    • A reclining meditation intended to give women a healing method for self-empowerment

    • Uses a head-to-toe progressive release of muscular tension increasing energy, function and awareness

  • Womb Breathing

    • A sitting Meditation using complete breathing- breathing in oxygen and vital energy

    • Helps women recognize and release anxiety and fear during pregnancy and labor

    • Increases energy and forms a deeper connection to your body and baby

  • Giving and Receiving

    • Uses compassionate breathing-meditation science and ancient wisdom used for centuries known to have healing potential that has been applied to childbirth

    • Practice adds to a woman's empowerment potential in the childbirth process

What is Calm Mother?
  • Calm Mother is five practices that help extend the Calm Birth practice into parenthood.

  • Consist of sitting and reclining meditations intended to help with postpartum healing, bonding, relaxation, and assisting in lactation

    • If you are concerned with lactation and feeding, talk with your caregiver or consult a lactation consultant

Benefits to Calm Birth
  • Research consistently indicates that meditation has impacts on the mind and body with an increased ability to cope with stress

  • Meditation lowers levels of adrenaline and cortisol

    • Stress hormones that can slow progress in early or active labor as well as put stress on baby

  • Increases Hormones melatonin and DHEA, which help lower stress hormones and promote better immune system

  • Increases oxytocin and endorphins

    • Hormones of love, pleasure, and transcendence beneficial to bonding and natural pain management

  • Childbirth meditation directly lowers blood pressure and heart rate

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