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A New Year, A New Start

As 2017 begins, I am embarking on a journey to a new career as a Doula. This Journey began about year ago...

One day while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post from a friend who had just started an NGO in Greece, Nurture Project International. This amazing organization provides mother and baby spaces for refugee woman and children. They focus on Infant and Young Child Feeding In Emergencies as well as providing a space for bathing the little ones. For the past 10 years I had been working as a pastry chef/baker. I didn't hate what I was doing but felt like I was in a daze just doing the motions to life. So on a whim I sent a message and asked if there was any way I could be of use in the field. Next thing I know I am reading up on the subject, learning as much as I can to have a better understanding of what it is NPI does, then getting on a plane.

In the field, I helped in the bathing tent, baby hammam as I learned to say in Arabic. The other volunteers there at the time were women from all over the world, some were Midwives, Lactation Consultants, Doulas, and teachers.

I was in awe of these amazingly talented and compassionate women. But even more so, I was amazed with the women of the camp. Their strength, love, gratitude, and devotion to not just their own children but of all the children at the camp, moved me in ways I could never describe. As I got to know some of these women and children and hear about their issues and concerns, I began to hear some of the same things that many of my friends back home go through as they start to grow their families. While being in an emergency situation certainly adds an entirely new level of danger and complications, when you get down to it, all mothers, no matter who they are or where they come from, just want to love and protect their children. They want to be respected, have a voice, and feel in control of their bodies, especially when it comes to childbirth.

As I returned home and began my normal routine again, I could feel myself being pulled down another path. I began researching and reading everything I could on becoming a Doula. As everything came together, there just happened to be a DONA International training just minutes from my house. Every step since Greece has just seemed to fall into place. It does make me a little nervous to start over with a new career but I truly feel that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

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