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Breathing Calm Into Childbirth

Childbirth Meditation: Calm Birth Method

Developed by Robert Bruce Newman, Calm Birth, helps empower women to a better and calmer pregnancy, labor and parenthood. Since it was first introduced into Southern Oregon hospitals in 1997, more than 14,000 children have been born throughout the world with this method. I am now fortunate enough to be able to continue this amazing work by teaching its practices to expecting women and their partners.

Benefits To Prenatal Meditation

"Childbirth meditation is evidence-based medicine because it is proven to reduce or avoid medical risks, and has proven biological and psychological benefits."(Robert Newman)

We live in the "Age of Anxiety" and while exposing small amounts of stress on the developing baby can help prepare them for life, overexposure can have a negative effect to both mother and child. Meditation helps reduce the stress hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol, which has been proven through extensive research to contribute in the weakening of health. The immune system can benefit from meditation through increased levels of Melatonin and DHEA. One of my favorite benefits are the increased levels of Serotonin and Endorphins. Higher levels of these will help with the pain of labor as well as help you stay in a calm state. But one of the greatest things the Calm Birth Method can do is increase the amount of Oxytocin, which is also referred to as the "love hormone". Meditation will bond and connect you to your baby as well as your own body.

Mind and Awareness

"a pregnant woman may breathe completely to access full mind-body-spirit capability in labor." (Robert Newman)

I teach the three practices in the Calm Birth Method:

The Practice of Opening

Womb Breathing

Giving and Receiving

Through continued practice of these meditations, a woman will be able to distinguish between mind and awareness, in doing so, be able to recognize and release stress and anxiety. I teach not to hide from or mask pain and fear, but be aware of it. If you are aware and present, you can stop your mind from suffering. If a woman can do this, she can recognize fear and anxiety in herself without reacting, without being disturbed, therefore she is able to have a psychologically undisturbed birth.

Deepening The Connection

"When a partner or other supporter joins in this practice, bonding with the child in the womb, the child's vital energy and awareness potentially increases." (Robert Newman)

Whether private teachings in your home or in a group class, I always encourage the inclusion of the partner. These practices will connect you to your child as well as each other. You both will be better prepared for childbirth as well as the joys and new adventures of parenthood. You will also develop a better connection to your own body and mind, discovering the strength and wisdom you always had.

Resources On Meditation

Baby Center

Mayo Clinic

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