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The Strength, Soul, and Spirit Of Childbirth

As I sit here writing and reflecting on the birth of a beautiful little boy I supported recently, I am amazed and moved by the power of the human body and its spirit. I think back to just a little over 5 years ago when my sister had started discussing the possibility of a homebirth and I was filled with fear and anxiety. Through education and experience, I am such a different person working on a path I could never have imagined just 5 years ago.

Before I decided to become a Doula, I like so many others in our society, only experienced or witnessed childbirth through TV and movies. I can remember being filled with so much anxiety for my sister and my unborn nephew because I didn't understand what labor really looks like. But she respected my fears, listened to my worries and I listened back. I started to read and learn more about pregnancy and childbirth. After my nephew's birth, I was amazed at my sister and the amazing team she had supporting her.

Fast forward a few years and here I am. Recently, I attended a hospital birth where I supported a beautiful couple and saw them meet their little one. If you have never experienced or seen a real birth, you can never fully understand the beauty, power and strength of not just the body but the soul and spirit of a person as well. There is pain of course, but also joy, love, and strength. I wish we could stop portraying birth as something to fear and give it the respect and love it deserves. Even in the unfortunate times, in which labor doesn't go as planned or hoped for, it doesn't have to be as traumatic as it can sometimes be. We, as a society, as birth workers, as family, and as friends need to support, listen, and respect the birthing person. We can do better to make childbirth a better experience for everyone. We need to believe in each other, in ourselves and in our bodies.

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