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Preparing For Childbirth With A Doula

Whether a first time parent or adding on to your growing family, preparing for childbirth and the postpartum period can be overwhelming. As your Doula, I will help you process through your thoughts, fears and wants for this birth experience. I will also provide you with information, resources, and help you with everything from birth plan writing to what to pack in your hospital bag to organizing for the postpartum period.

Fears and Desires

In a world in which our culture has many fears around childbirth, it is really no surprise that many people and couples can be consumed by the "what ifs" around pregnancy. It is often portrayed in television and movies as an over dramatic, worst case scenario, life threatening medical condition. We are also surrounded by friends and family that as soon as they know your pregnant all they want to do is share every horror story they have ever heard. I work with my clients by compassionately listening to their fears and expectations and help them work through the facts vs myths surrounded around pregnancy and childbirth. I work to make sure a pregnant person builds confidence not just in their knowledge but in their bodies, self-worth and wants for pregnancy and labor. I will also work to make sure the support person feels confidence in themselves, in their partner, and in the process so they are fully able to provide the emotional and physical support needed throughout the whole birthing experience.

The Birthing Experience

As a pregnant person begins to work through their fears and desires around pregnancy and childbirth, they will really begin to get a picture of what they want that experience to be like. At a prenatal appointment, we will work through the choices involved in labor

and figure out what is the most important to them. I also provide handouts to help them develop a birth plan to give to their providers. Along with birth plan writing, we will go over what to pack for the hospital and the logistics of when and checking into the hospital. I make sure each client feels comfortable on what they want and what to expect. We will also work on informed decision making. What it means to make an informed decision and putting it into practice. It is important to realize and remember everyone has a voice, and to continue to use it!

Riding The Waves Of Contractions

Every person has different wants and desires for their labor but whether planning a completely natural birth or planning on receiving pain medication or an epidural at the hospital, a person will need to cope through some if not all of the labor process. Even if you are dead set on an epidural, you will need to make it to the hospital and wait for the right time and the anesthesiologist to be available. Don't panic, you can and will make it through each contraction. I work with clients at the prenatal appointments to discuss and practice different ways to cope physically as well as emotionally during labor. I encourage all my clients to remind themselves throughout pregnancy on how strong and capable they are and to believe in themselves and their bodies.

Getting Into A New Groove

As a family grows, there will be many changes. Adjusting to the new normal while healing from labor can take time and patience for everyone involved. I help clients prepare for the postpartum period and taking care of their newborn by discussing their expectations for themselves and their partner. We discuss support from friends and family, meal planning, visitor protocol, healing from labor and on having compassion, understanding and communication with their partner. I spend time learning about their specific breastfeeding goals and how they can be successful in feeding their newborns. We will also discuss Postpartum Doula support, what it is, how it can be beneficial and if they are interested.

Having a Doula on a birthing team is a great investment. I offer a variety of packages to make sure it fits anyones needs and budget. I work with my clients and their care providers to make sure a pregnant person feels encouraged, supported, and confident about their pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.

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